"Web Associates gave our member companies the tools they needed to be successful and open up new markets in the U.S. I would recommend them highly."

Rodrigo B.
Santiago, Chile

"Web Associates helped the Ministry of Health find the perfect U.S. partners. Working together has helped us to find new global opportunities."

Ambassador Carlos Dos Santos
Mozambique Ministry of Health

Nearshoring Partners

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Web Associates has teamed up with a variety of Latin American companies to bring you the best in service and build partnerships between the Americas. Below are our nearshoring partners we currently work with. Please review their client profiles below.


Latam Center

Latam Center has been providing service solutions as a contact and business development center since 1997.  They offer a wide range of business solutions, from providing call center/contact center services to building and leasing call center space.  Latam tailors their business to specific customers’ needs.

Latam Center is a near shore solution for clients in the United States and Canada and provides business solutions for the Latin American and European markets in English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, and German. 

Latam also continues to develop a qualified agent workforce in industries such as computer networking and technology support.

Latam provides many advantages, from quick scalability to saving money.  They focus on providing the solutions that allow your business and organization to focus on its core functions and activities.

Over the years, Latam Center has developed and acquired business intelligence which is continuously integrated into their business solutions.  They understand all aspects of nearshoring and process integration and customize their services to accommodate businesses of all sizes in a variety of industries. Finally and most importantly, they share their clients’ passion for growth.


Latam Center uses state of the art technologies to help you overcome obstacles, increase your profitability, and give added value to you and your clients as well.  With their high quality customer service and commitment to excellence, they optimize the customer response time and help you meet and exceed your KPI’s.

Latam’s call center is staffed with professional and experienced managers as well as highly trained and reliable agents who are available 24/7 and provide service in several languages including English, Spanish, French, Italian and German.


Latam understands the Latin American market and how to utilize their culture, philosophy, and strengths to maximize business returns for foreign markets.


Latam Center’s mission is to provide cost effective solutions that make business sense.  Their vision is to provide a dependable nearshoring solution that provides security, knowledge, and added value to companies worldwide.  The company values ethics, honesty and integrity.



  • Inbound Call Handling – Taking your inbound calls has been Latam’s specialty for more than 14 years.  Specialists trained in your business will process your inbound calls 24/7 handling everything from customer services.
  • Outbound Calling – Whether you’d like Latam to call to survey your customers, sell a product or service, or provide important customer follow-up, outbound calling is an important service for any organization.  Our outbound calling includes B2B, B2C, BPO, and collections.
  • IT and Cellular Help Desk
  • Backup or Overflow Call Handling






Support Span

Support Span LLC facilitates European Projects for U.S. based corporations and on behalf of dealers; supplying, installing and supporting Mitel, Inter-Tel CISCO, Hewlett Packard and a full range of telephone and data networking systems throughout the United Kingdom and Europe. Our United Kingdom based parent, Support Span Group, is fully manufacturer accredited and employs over 20 product certified technicians and support professionals.

We have experience in project management, installations and support of over 3,000 telephone and data systems customer sites throughout the British Isles and Europe.


US Dollar Quotations for European Services
European Equipment Purchasing and Logistics
U.S. Invoicing
U.S. Bank Receipts
24/7 Customer Support; Remote and Field Support


Backed by Prince 2 Project Management Accreditation, encompassing cabling through to installing and training on Voice and Data Solutions, Support Span can provide comprehensive engineering services to Mitel/Inter-Tel and other similar Speech and Data Products.

Simply email your system configuration with a brief list of requirements and the location of your customers site and Support Span will reply with a full quotation to fulfill your order.

Our traditional on-site maintenance offering is supplemented by sophisticated remote diagnostic services. To enable fast and secure access to remote systems (among other applications) Support Span subscribes to Citrix based – GoToAssist. This facilitates remote desktop access sessions which, for added security, are customer initiated.

Support Span utilizes four remote access servers which are available to its field and technical support group staff over secure VPN links. These are operational 24 hour x 365 days allowing direct access to customer systems for diagnostics and programming.

From Premium Cover (Monday through Friday ~ 08:30 to 17:00 UK or EU time) to Span 24(continuous support 24 hour x 365 days), Support Span can offer customized cover levels to suit customer requirements.

Support Span holds a comprehensive stock of spare parts and employs sufficient manufacturer accredited engineers to consistently deliver against 4-working-hour response targets for Complete System Failures within the UK and EU. Partial failures such as single or groups of extensions or features are targeted at 15-working-hours response.






Ki Teknology

Ki Teknology is the result of the merger between InterMedia, a company specializing in digital marketing and web development and design, and KEPLER Technology, a company with extensive experience in software development and consulting in information technologies with a strong presence in the financial industry.


combines the best practices of software engineering and project management with disciplines oriented towards improving the user's experience, including information architecture, usability and interaction design. In this way, we produce a service valued both by the client and the "customers of our clients", the users, the end customers of the results of our products.

We achieve all this through a tested methodology oriented towards client satisfaction, based on an iterative and incremental model that guarantees successful high-quality projects with agile yet formal processes. This is backed by continuous improvement in our clients' satisfaction indices that greatly surpass worldwide IT industry.






Testing Software

Testing Software is a Costa Rican company dedicated to the quality and testing of software, designed to guarantee the absence of failures in the system once development is concluded.

By means of formal and systematic methodologies, it is possible to verify and validate the operation and the quality of software systems, saving you time and money.

Testing Software verifies and validates software in a way that allows their clients to know the state of a project as it is being developed. Their services incorporate their clients’ input and include acceptance tests in different phases of the development cycle, control of processes, and involving customers during the maintenance and update stages of software.

The verification and validation of software is an essential operation that ensures the quality of the system before its launch and during the transition phase, as well as lowering risk and preventing unexpected costs. Failing to test during the project development phase or postponing it until the end can have economic repercussions including lost customers and reduced credibility.

As the project progresses, an undetected error could manifest into a critical and complex flaw affecting the overall performance of the system.

Testing Software provides coverage through the processes of creating and executing test plans, which in turn covers the different functional and non-functional characteristics of the system. These test cases are stored electronically and are part of the products delivered to customers. Whether the application is desktop or web based, they have the ability to design and implement the following test types:

-Black Box testing (e.g. system and integration testing)
-White Box testing (e.g. unit testing)
-Performance, Robustness and Concurrence tests
-Localization and Internationalization tests
-Other test applications according to customer requirements


Testing Software uses a test plan provided by the customer or previously developed by Testing Software for a particular application and creates an architecture for executing such test cases automatically, thus making sure regression testing, which validated the system, works properly after the inclusion of new changes. Part of the automation tools can be encoded based on the preference of the client or by Testing Software based on their extensive experience.


Testing Software is dedicated to providing excellent methodological and systematic services oriented towards the quality and suitability of a system throughout the development cycle of software. This is done through various testing activities of computer applications which will monitor and ensure the correct functionality and quality of their client’s software.








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